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• 12/9/2018

What I like and what I don't like about Fuller House.

Keep in mind, I am not bashing the show. I really enjoy the show and I'm always happy when it gets renewed for a new season. However, I did want to share some stuff that I've found really annoying in the show that I wish they could write out. Here's a list but also here's a list of what I do like about the show that thankfully has helped me oversee the stuff I don't like.

What I don't like:

1.The annoying "it's always open" catchphrase. I feel that it's weird and unnecessary and encourages creepers to break in.

2.Jackson's cringey acting. Sorry no disrespect to Michael Cameron who plays him but his acting skills could use some work. I liked him in season 1 but after that, I feel like he's over doing it a lot. Steve is played out. I don't know how to explain it but there's just something about how Steve is played out in the show that I find really uncomfortable to watch. I can't decide if it's his dialogue or something else. I like the character itself and all but just the way he's played out that makes me uncomfortable. His creepy bunny look in the musical number in the season 3 premiere did not help. lol Sorry but that was just uncomfortable to watch. Not the musical number itself. That was entertaining.

4.The constant "aww's" from the audience. I just feel like they "awww" at unnecessary moments.

5.The fact they gave DJ basically the same life as Danny. I just think it would've been better if either DJ was a divorced mother instead of a widowed parent like Danny is or had her stay married but her husband works so many hours throughout the day, that Kimmy and Stephanie agree to move in to help both while DJ is working and helping her while she's home. Also maybe given her both sons and daughters instead of 3 boys like Danny had 3 girls. I kinda feel the same way about Kimmy and Stephanie in the way that they made them the same as Joey and Jesse in the way that Kimmy is the silly Joey and Stephanie is the cool, musical aunt like Jesse is the cool, musical uncle. However, I like that they made Kimmy a silly party planner cause I feel like it represents her personality and I like they made Stephanie work in the music industry cause I always believed ever since the band episode in Full House that Stephanie should continue making music and follow in her uncle's footsteps.

6.No Michelle! I know for a fact that this is a popular one. I need to see Michelle in the series! I don't care if it's for one episode and she's only seen for a brief moment. She needs to appear!

7.The sometimes unnecessary references to the events in Full House. I usually love it when that happens but sometimes I feel like they bring them up during unnecessary times and kinda overdo it.

8.The constant texting and social media scenes. I know it's a popular thing to put in a show nowadays but I feel like they overdo it. Not just this show but a lot of shows nowadays. (I realize how old I sound lol)

9.DJ's personality. I liked her in Full House but for reasons I can't explain, I feel like she tries too hard in Fuller House. I feel like Danny had better dialogue in Full House then she does now. I mean I realize she's an adult now but I feel like they make her act older then she really is.

10.The fact that Nicky and Alex were not given any reaction to Jesse and Becky adopting a baby. It just seemed unrealistic how they didn't seem upset or not given any dialogue on their feelings on it at all.

11.Jimmy's overly sweetness. I like him and everything and I have nothing against a sweet person but I just feel like he can be overly sweet. Not in the obsessive stalker way but just in the "ok geez grow up" way. lol Again, I like that he's sweet and caring and thoughtful and clearly does love Stephanie but if he could just learn to be just a liiiiittle bit more of an adult when he's upset, that'd be great. Nothing wrong with having a childish personality. I have that too but just don't overdo it.

12.Joey's family. I feel like Joey was more strict and serious with DJ, Steph and Michelle then he is with his own kids. I also feel like they should be older like either teenager or mid to late 20s.

What I do like about the show:

1.Danny, Jesse, Joey, Becky and the other characters especially Nicky and Alex and also Gia from Full House making appearances. It's always fun to see them appear on the new show.

2.How Kimmy is played out. Aside from her quirky nature which I did enjoy, I didn't much care for her in Full House with the way she always disrespected everyone except DJ. I do however love watching her in Fuller House. Love seeing her as a parent, form a friendship with Stephanie and still be her silly self.

3.Fernando. I don't know how others feel about him but I enjoy watching him. He's really entertaining to watch.

4.Hearing Stephanie sing. Ever since the band episode in Full House, I've always wanted to hear Jodie sing more so I love hearing her sing in the show.

5.Max's and Rose's romance. I just find it adorable.

6.Vicky returning! It made me so happy to see Vicky again! I'm just hoping she'll stay.

7.The storylines. I just find them really entertaining like Kimmy carrying Stephanie's and Jimmy's baby is pretty exciting, Seeing how DJ and Matt are going to be able to handle still working together despite their breakup I believe will continue to be interesting, seeing Stephanie's music career unfold, where Danny and Vicky's relationship will go, and seeing where DJ's and Steve's relationship will go.

8.Tommy. He's probably my favorite of the Fuller sons. Mostly cause I love watching the Messitt twins' youtube videos. I can't wait until we can hear Tommy have some full dialogue!

9.The fact that Ramona and Popko broke up. I never liked him. Kinda hoping they stay broken up unless he can become a better person.

10.The adult humor as well as the kid friendly humor. I just love the variety of both. I always love a show that can have humor fit for people of all ages.

11.Obviously the comedy. Although it can be cringey and cheesy at times, the comedy on the show is also very entertaining.

Now I know there were more to my dislike list then to my like list but a lot of the things in my like list are more powerful meaning they help me overlook the things I don't like and I can focus more on the things I do like. I'm sure more will probably maybe be added to both lists as the show goes on, but I'm very certain I will continue to love the show no matter how cheesy or cringey it gets. (Please try not to hate me too much for my dislike list lol)

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