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Full House is the original TV Shows from the 80's in which Fuller House is being rebooted. 


After his wife is killed in a car accident, news anchorman Danny Tanner  recruits his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis  (a rock musician) and quirky best friend Joey Gladstone  (who works as a stand-up comedian) to help raise his three young daughters: 10-year-old D.J . 5-year old Stephanie , and 10-month old Michelle  in his San Francisco home. Over time, the three men as well as the children bond and become closer to one another.

In season two, Danny is reassigned from his duties as sports anchor by his television station to become co-host of a local morning television show, Wake Up, San Francisco, and is teamed up with Nebraska native Rebecca Donaldson  Jesse and Becky eventually fall in love, and get married in season four. In season five, Becky gives birth to twin sons, Nicky and Alex. The series ends on Michelle getting amnesia, but regaining her memory at the end of the episode.


All the cast from Full House will also return in Fuller House (except for The Olsens)

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