The Fuller Team are a group of bureaucrats, admins, and chat mods that executes the policies and keeps the wiki running smoothly. These select users are held to the highest standard of conduct on the wiki.

These users are expected to be active on the wiki on a regular basis, replying to message wall threads, forum threads, and blogs as necessary. They are required to leave an advance notice for inactivity longer than a period of 5 days. Should any one of them ever do something that would result in a block or warning for a regular user, his or her rights will be revoked immediately.

Administrators are expected to monitor pages regularly to revert vandalism and monitor comments, and they can administer warnings where necessary. Admins and chat mods are expected to be on chat regularly to moderate. To report a problem or ask a question, please ask our administrators!

If a user chooses to leave the Fuller Team, they will alert a bureaucrat who will remove all of their rights, making room for a new user. If the user who is leaving is a bureaucrat, they will have all their rights remove but must remove their bureaucrat rights themselves as other users cant take that away.


Administrators are entrusted with the ability to block and ban users as well as edit and delete comments/pages. They can also change the protection settings of pages and promote/demote chat moderators.

Bureaucrats are administrators who, in addition to the admin functions, have the ability to change the user rights for administrators and rollbacks and promote users to bureaucrat.

Chat Moderators have the ability to kick and ban users from chat for breaking the chat policies.

Administrator Name Position/s Current Status
Daniel Viglietti
(wall · contribs)
Daniel Bureaucrat, Administrator (sysop) Active
(wall · contribs)
Brandon Trial Administrator Active
(wall · contribs)
Claire Trial Administrator Active
Administrator Name Position/s Current Status
Duggie Davenport
(wall · contribs)
Duggie Chat Moderator Inactive
(wall · contribs)
CartoonFan18 Content Moderator Active