Spoilers are a big thing we deal here on the Fuller House Wiki, this guide will take you through the process of posting a spoiler and using the spoiler template.

Spoiler Templates are used to warn users that an article they are reading may contain information that could spoil the episode. As well as containing information about unreleased material.


Spoiler templates are used if:

  1. An article contains spoilers about current or upcoming events.
  2. An article contains information about unreleased material.
  3. An article contains information about unconfirmed material.
  4. An article contains spoilers.

Spoiler templates are not used if:

  1. An article contains information about past episodes/books/seasons etc.
  2. An article contains information that has been confirmed by authors/producers, etc.

Spoiler templates are removed:

  1. After two months of a season being released.
  2. After a week has passed of an episode being released.
  3. When information on the page has been confirmed thus not needing a spoiler template.
  4. When information are not deemed as spoilers.

Spoiler Template

This is our spoiler template.

Spoiler Warning!
This article contains details of unreleased material that may cause major spoilers. This article may also contain information about content that has been released but may cause spoilers to users who have not yet viewed it, the content may change as more information becomes available.

Code: { { Spoiler } }