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Girl Talk is the seventh episode of season 2, and the twentieth episode of Fuller House overall.


Stephanie tells D.J. and Kimmy that she has composed a song for Jimmy but doesn't have a full band to perform it with. After much reluctance, she agrees to reform Girl Talk with old band members Kimmy and Gia with D.J. now replacing Melissa on the drums. Though their practice performance of "I Saw The Sign" goes well, tensions begin to flare between Gia and D.J. when Gia pressures Stephanie into trying out her electronic cigarette (similar to how Gia pressured Stephanie to smoke in the episode "Fast Friends") and causes Stephanie to disband Girl Talk again.

Max discovers that his chickens Jesse, Joey, Danny and Becky have destroyed his crops for his school project. Fernando helps to boost his confidence by giving him a secret ingredient ("Unicorn Tears") to mix in with the water in his pot. The next morning, Max finds that his garden is full of crops, unaware that Fernando managed to replace them all overnight. Max warms up to Fernando and says that he is an okay guy.

Popko has broken up with his girlfriend Bethany and attempts to ask out Ramona again but Ramona rejects him in front of Jackson and their friends since she found out he had a girlfriend on the same day he kissed her. Ramona and Lola discover a viral video of her online with a hippo filter and calling her a "dancing hippo." Ramona and Lola both blame Jackson for this as Ramona and Jackson fought earlier over her breaking into his locker. Popko later confronts Ramona over a viral video of him skateboarding calling him "Bobby Poop-ko" and edited over with farting sound effects. Jackson reveals that he made the video to show Popko just how hurt and angry he made Ramona feel over the hippo video he posted. Lola tells Jackson that it was sweet of him to defend Ramona and says that she likes him, asking if he wants to have lunch tomorrow at school. Ramona and Jackson hug and are caught by D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy who all share a group hug.





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