Well, you know, sometimes you have to travel the world to figure out where you belong.
—Jimmy explaining his passion to Stephanie.[2]

Jimmy Gibbler is a guest character on Fuller House. He is the brother of Kimmy Gibbler and the fiancee of Stephanie Tanner.

In the season 2 official trailer, it showed a brief clip of Jimmy and Stephanie sharing a kiss outside of the Fuller Home, only to show Kimmy walking out saying, "Jimmy!". Jimmy and Kimmy then hug while Stephanie looks at them both, confused as both Kimmy and Jimmy do the 'Gibbler Gallop'. Kimmy then tells Stephanie that this is her little brother, Jimmy. Stephanie replies, "I just kissed a Gibbler?". Kimmy looks at Jimmy, disgusted and says, "You just kissed a Tanner?!". Stephanie and Kimmy both look at each other and say, "Ew!".

After he has his second kiss with Stephanie in "Mom Interference", it is revealed that they are dating. Jimmy and Stephanie are, as of "Nutcrackers", in love. And Jimmy's sister, Kimmy, is the surrogate for him and Stephanie's daughter. As of Opening Night He and Stephanie are engaged.

He is portrayed by Adam Hagenbuch.


"Aww! I say go for it. Jimmy Gibbler is so sweet and thoughtful."
—D.J., on Jimmy Gibbler.[src]
He is shown throughout the show to be not the brightest crayon in the box, not knowing the correct pronunciation of certain words and just some basic knowledge in general. However, he and Stephanie are really good at charades, as seen in the episode, "Mom Interference" at family game night.

Jimmy's photographs from around the world.

Jimmy is very passionate about photography and traveling, and believes that you have to travel the world to figure out where you truly belong. Jimmy feels at home in San Francisco, with Kimmy, Stephanie, and the Fuller family, and he now lives there permanently.


"Sure, hunky guy in really tight t-shirt."
—Stephanie upon first meeting Jimmy.[src]

Physical Appearance

Jimmy is shown to be tall and very handsome. His clothing style is casual, usually wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans. He has a bulky build, he is very muscular, he has an immense chest shown to create outlines on his shirt, and his athletic, massive biceps are noticeable when he is in T-shirts. His hefty build is what attracted Stephanie at first.


  • He's a series regular in season 3.
  • He got a haircut in season 3.
  • He has had a crush on Stephanie ever since they were kids.
  • His roommate is Fernando.


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