Jackson: You'll always be my first love.
Lola: And you'll always be my first... Jackson.
—Jackson and Lola before she moves away.
Lackson is a pairing between Jackson Fuller and Lola Wong on Fuller House.

Lackson is one of the most supported ships on Fuller House. Lola is Ramona's best friend, and Jackson has been crushing on Lola since season 1, but unfortunately his efforts had been useless. However, later in season 1; Lola gives Jackson a kiss and Jackson is ecstatic about this, and assumes that they are dating. But with one catch; they weren't. Lola doesn't think of Jackson the way he thinks of her, however Jackson still attempts to impress her. Throughout season 2; Lola had given a few hints that she still likes Jackson, even openly stating "just when I was starting to like you" after he was accused of making an embarrassing video of Ramona. But then later in season 2, they officially start dating. They broke up in the beginning of Season 3 due to Jackson's obsessive behavior putting too much pressure on her. 

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Additional Names

  • Jola (J/ackson and L/ola)
  • Lockson (Lo/la and Ja/ckson)
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