Maybe Baby, is the eighth episode of season 3, and the thirty-fourth episode of Fuller House overall.


Becky takes Stephanie to the doctor to find out whether she's got a shot at motherhood. Kimmy helps Joey show his kids who's boss.


Becky takes Stephanie to the doctor where they find out that Stephanie can have kids through a surrogate and sperm donor but the procedure has to be done ASAP while her eggs are still valuable. Stephanie asks Becky not to tell as she doesn't want to get everyone's hopes up. Walking into Jackson's congratulation party, she assumes Becky has revealed everything and accidentally confesses about having a baby. The Gibblers, Gladstones, Katsopolises and Tanner-Fullers all come together to help pay for the expenses.

Joey, who is in town, comes over to visit along with his mischievous children. The kids commit acts such as mocking Ramona's dance routine, wrapping Max up like a toilet paper mummy, wrapping Ramona in a rug and duct taping Max to a door while reading from his diary. Despite knowing how bad his kids are, Joey refuses to discipline them as he wants to be best friends with his children. Kimmy convinces him that he needs to take away the one thing they love most and he cancels the trip to Disneyland unless they can behave. Max and Ramona later frame them by swapping the heads of a Cabbage Patch doll and a pterodactyl doll but admit this when Joey decides to spend the night there as punishment. Joey then tells Kimmy his kids were actually the good ones and takes them to Disneyland anyways.

Jackson studies hard for his History test in summer school but learns on the internet that he got an F. D.J. talks to the teacher, who admits he was confused as Jackson skipped Line 1 and filled out everything from the second line onwards but that he passed with a 94.



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