Moving Day, is the second episode of season 1 of Fuller House.


The episode starts in Stephanie's bedroom in the garage when Max comes downstairs and starts jumping on her bed wanting her to get up. She tells him to come back when it's Sunday dinner. He forces her to come upstairs and D.J. showers Jackson with extra love and affection so he won't be angry about Ramona and Kimmy moving in. She first gives him a chocolate milkshake. D.J. then tells Stephanie that she hasn't told the boys that there moving in.

Outside Kimmy and Ramona walk up with their bags and Ramona is angry that they're moving in. She says she won't be going inside, causing Kimmy to throw her phone on the couch so she'll go inside. After surprising everyone in the kitchen, D.J. takes them to the attic to show them the room. She then shows Ramona the room she'll have which is super small. Ramona wants to go and stay with Fernando but Kimmy says she can't. D.J. then offers Ramona Jackson's old room. Meaning Jackson and Max will share a room and Tommy will get Max's room. Making Jackson even angrier.

He tries to get Max and Stephanie to move in with Tommy but they decline. After a talking to from Stephanie about when she had to share with D.J. he escapes in Jesse's truck. But Jesse finds out and takes him back. D.J. talks to everyone saying that in order to make the family work they'll have to respect each other and compromise with everyone. The family all share a hug and Jesse walks in claiming that there are violins playing around them.


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  • Teri, Danny, Becky, Joey, Jesse, Nicky and Alex will move to LA in this episode
  • Stephanie and Kimmy will move in with D.J.
  • Jackson follows Jesse to Los Angeles.
  • Jackson gets punished for leaving the county.
  • When Stephanie and Kimmy are changing Tommy there is an Apple Watch Sport on his stomach.
  • This is the second episode of the series.
  • Stephanie is shown how to change a diaper by Kimmy, but back in Full House Stephanie changes Alex and Nicky's diapers, when Kimmy is babysitting them.
  • This episode can be compared to the Full House episode Fuller House.
  • Goof:Jesse is supposedly an Elvis super-fan who knows all of Presley's songs by heart. When listening to the song "Burning Love" while driving, Jesse sings "Lordy, Lordy," but the lyric is actually "Lord Almighty".
  • Goof:Kimmy throws Ramona's cell phone into the house, where it lands on the couch. When shown in a close-up shot, the phone's screen clearly displays that the call has been ended, yet the caller's voice is still heard speaking.
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