The Fullers are like albino polar bears, drinking milk, in a snowstorm, watching Frozen!
—Ramona trying to convince her mother to not let them move in with the Fullers.

Ramona Gibbler is a main character from Fuller House.

Ramona is Kimmy and Fernando's daughter. A true Gibbler at heart, she's quirky, loud, and knows exactly how to get what she wants.

She is portrayed by Soni Nicole Bringas.


Kimmy Gibbler (Mother)

Kimmy and Ramona are shown to have a good relationship.

Jimmy Gibbler (Uncle)

coming soon

D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Aunt/Godmother)

DJ, being Kimmy's best friend, is Ramona's honorary aunt and her godmother

Stephanie Tanner (Aunt)

Stephanie, being DJ's sister, is also Ramona's honorary aunt

Jackson Fuller (Close Friends/Cousin)

Jackson and Ramona are good friends and her honorary cousin

Max Fuller (Cousin)

Ramona's honorary cousin

Tommy Fuller (Cousin)

Ramona's honorary cousin

Fernando (Father)

Fernando and Ramona have a good relationship, besides him and Kimmy being divorced. Ramona and Fernando spend time with each other on weekends


Fuller-House-Season-3-Trailer This Character (along with Jackson) won the award for Favorite Character Ship at the Fuller House Wiki Awards 2016!
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Fuller-House-Season-3-Trailer This Character won first place for Favourite Child at the Annual Fuller House Wiki Awards 2016!
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  • She was born a week after Kimmy and Fernando's wedding.
  • Ramona was born in a rental car. [1][2]
  • Ramona is of british/argentine decent[2]
  • She also has French ancestry through her mother.[2]
  • Ramona also has Jewish ancestry on her father's side of the family. [2]


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