Say Yes to the Dress, is the seventh episode of season 3, and the thirty-third episode of Fuller House overall.


A bridal shop mishap leaves D.J. doubting the future of her friendship with Steve. Gia's daughter comes over to study and winds up spending the night.


A bridal meeting organized by Kimmy turns into karaoke with Steve and D.J. singing "Summer Nights", which leaves C.J. and Matt visibly uncomfortable due to the close relationship the friends share with their past. Steve calls D.J. into the bridal shop to help him with ties and ends up trying on a wedding dress revealed to be C.J.'s. D.J. is caught in the dress and reassures C.J. that nothing is going on between her and Steve as they are only friends. Later that night, Steve drops by the house to talk to D.J. but as he leaves, the bridal shop owner texts the photo she took of Steve and D.J. in the tuxedo and dress to them.

Stephanie learns that she was not invited to the premiere of a film that her song "The Boy Next Door" was featured in. To cheer her up, Jimmy and the family bring the red carpet to her and treat her like a star for the night. However, Stephanie finds that the song is only in 5 seconds of the movie and is disappointed but appreciates that Jimmy and everyone went through so much trouble to make her happy.

Gia drops Rocki off to study during karaoke but she ends up having to spend the night. Rocki's rebellious nature clashes with the upbeat attitude at the Fuller house and she ends up wearing a pink dress and acting happy once Gia arrives. Rocki threatens Jackson not to tell anyone about what happened while Jackson threatens her not to tell anyone about how much his family loves him. Smiling, she accepts his deal but punches him in the arm when he asks for a hug.



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