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Life keeps getting Fuller.
——Tagline of Season 3.

Season 3 was officially confirmed on December 24th, 2016. The season was split in two parts with the first half (nine-episodes) of the season was released on September 22, 2017 and the second half (nine episodes) was released on December 22, 2017.


With teen romance, family barbecues, a wedding abroad and (just maybe?) a brand-new baby, it's shaping up to be the fullest summer yet.


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Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
S03e01 Best Summer Ever September 22, 2017 27 3.01
Steve and CJ announce plans for a destination wedding, and DJ sends Jackson to summer school. Stephanie and Jimmy suspect Fernando is up to something.
S03e02 Break a Leg September 22, 2017 28 3.02
Wedding planner Kimmy works overtime to earn Steve and CJ’s business, and DJ signs on as Stephanie’s life coach. Jimmy and Fernando move in together.
S03e03 Declarations of Independence September 22, 2017 29 3.03
The Danny Tanner Annual Fourth of July Barbecue brings everyone home for some star-spangled fun. But heartbreak might be on the menu.
S03e04 My Little Hickey September 22, 2017 30 3.04
While Steve samples wedding cakes, Ramona goes to great lengths to hide a hickey from her mother. Jackson's study group takes over the house.
S03e05 Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting September 22, 2017 31 3.05
While the ladies are out for the night, Uncle Jesse is left in charge, putting out fires left and right. Fernando restores Kimmy's childhood home.
S03e06 M-m-m-My Ramona September 22, 2017 32 3.06
DJ's thrilled when Jackson agrees to shadow her at the office. Fernando builds Ramona a lavish bedroom -- complete with a frozen yogurt bar.
S03e07 Say Yes to the Dress September 22, 2017 33 3.07
A bridal shop mishap leaves DJ doubting the future of her friendship with Steve. Gia's daughter comes over to study and winds up spending the night.
S03e08 Maybe Baby September 22, 2017 34 3.08
Becky takes Stephanie to the doctor to find out whether she's got a shot at motherhood. Kimmy helps Joey show his kids who's boss.
S03e09 Wedding or Not Here We Come September 22, 2017 35 3.09
The gang is flying coach for Steve and CJ's wedding -- but Max and Fernando plan to sit in first class. Stephanie starts her search for sperm donors.
My-Best-Friend's-Japanese-Wedding My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding December 22, 2017 36 3.10
In Japan, Steve and CJ's wedding dishes up one disaster after another -- from a maid of honor who's MIA to a talking toilet with an amazing appetite.
Troller-Coaster Troller Coaster December 22, 2017 37 3.11
A letter prompts Ramona to reconsider her future, and Max tempts fate on the "Troller Coaster." Steve and DJ have an important talk.
Fast-Times-at-Bayview-High Fast Times at Bayview High December 22, 2017 38 3.12
Jimmy and Steph visit the fertility clinic, and Jackson and Ramona start high school. A big surprise at work brings Matt and DJ closer together.
A-Tommy-Tale A Tommy Tale December 22, 2017 39 3.13
DJ pulls out all the stops to get Tommy into a prestigious preschool. Jackson and Ramona unplug for "Pioneer Day" -- so Kimmy decides to join them.
Surrogate-City Surrogate City December 22, 2017 40 3.14
Steph and Jimmy launch their search for a surrogate mother. A rebellious Jackson's "cool" new look pushes all of DJ's buttons.
Soul-Sisters Soul Sisters December 22, 2017 41 3.15
Kimmy snags Steph for some "soul sister" bonding while DJ attempts a day off. Max breaks a Tanner family heirloom and tries to hide the evidence.
Happily-Ever-After Happily Ever After December 22, 2017 42 3.16
The She-Wolves suit up to help when Ramona's "Best Homecoming Dance Ever" ... isn't. Kimmy and Steph cater to a demanding client.
Fullers-in-a-Fog Fullers in a Fog December 22, 2017 43 3.17
Bad karma clouds the house when Danny, Jesse and Joey come home to celebrate their 30-year “Dad-iversary" while DJ preps for an important date.
Here-Comes-The-Sun Here Comes the Sun December 22, 2017 44 3.18
With big things hanging in the balance, the gang tries to revive the Tanner-Fuller magic with an '80s-themed bash -- complete with costumes.


  • Jeff Franklin has expressed interest in Season 3 and 4
  • Jeff Franklin purchased the house in San Francisco.
  • Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie Tanner, received an injury prior to filming which ultimately resulted in the writers having to write the injury into the character for this season in Break a Leg.
    • This will mark the second time Jodie Sweetin has had to have a injury written into the show since Full House.
  • The first half of Season 3 was released on September 22, 2017.
  • The second half of Season 3 was released on December 22,2017.
  • This season premiered on the same day that Full House first aired to the entire world, 30 years ago.
  • Danny and Teri are separated.
  • The cast traveled to Japan to film episodes for Season 3B.
  • This is one of the longest seasons of the show, with 18 episodes in total, which is the same amount of episodes Season 5 had.
  • Dylan and Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit are not apart of Season 3 as confirmed by Blake on Twitter.
  • This is the third season.
  • The season premiered on September 22, 2017.
  • The season ended on December 22, 2017.


  • Gail Edwards made a guest appearence as Vicky Larson
  • Nicky and Alex are not in Season 3
  • C.J. and Steve do not get married
  • D.J. and Matt seperate
  • Kimmy becomes Steph and Jimmy's surrogate mother
  • Ginger Gladstone is not in Season 3
  • The Opening Scene of Full House was re-created for the 30-year anniversary.

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