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Season 4 is the upcoming season in Fuller House. It was confirmed on January 29th, 2018 and was released on December 14, 2018.

Season 4

Season 4 was officially confirmed on January 29, 2018. It was released on December 14th, 2018.


Christmas reminiscing, being ghosted by friends and a new baby on the way! Season 4 is full of laughs!


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Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Oh my Santa Oh My Santa December 14, 2018 45 4.01
When Max gets a case of the bah-humbugs and Tommy has a meltdown at the mall. DJ does everything she can to get them back in the Christmas spirit.
Big Night Big Night December 14, 2018 46 4.02
The pressure's on for Steve and DJ to have a perfect date. Meanwhile, back at the house, Steph forbids Kimmy and Fernando from canoodling.
A Sense of Purpose A Sense of Purpose December 14, 2018 47 4.03
With a baby on the way, Steph starts thinking like a provider. Danny ponders going back to work, and Matt and DJ try to bust each other's businesses.
Ghosted Ghosted December 14, 2018 48 4.04
Steve and DJ's "two-week-iversary" turns into a gift-giving competition. Steph performs at her first kids' party, and Ramona gets ghosted.
No Escape No Escape December 14, 2018 49 4.05
DJ and Steve go on a double date with Matt and his new girlfriend. Steph and Kimmy host a Lamaze class at the house -- with hilarious results.
Angels Night Out Angels' Night Out December 14, 2018 50 4.06
While Joey watches the boys at home, DJ and the girls don flashy costumes for a '70s-themed cruise. But it's not quite the crowd they expected.
President Fuller President Fuller December 14, 2018 51 4.07
Max runs for fourth-grade class president -- but his girlfriend Rose is running, too. DJ tries to make up with CJ, and Steph picks a fight with a clown.
Driving Mr. Jackson Driving Mr. Jackson December 14, 2018 52 4.08
Jackson and Ramona's first high school party has major consequences. Becky and Jesse team up to host an awards show, where a big win goes to Matt's head.
Perfect Sons Perfect Sons December 14, 2018 53 4.09
Fernando's mother pays a surprise visit, and Steve teaches Jackson how to drive. Max makes a memorable debut on "Wake Up San Francisco".
Golden-Toe Fuller Golden-Toe Fuller December 14, 2018 54 4.10
Jackson's a star football player -- but the pressure is getting to him. DJ plans a gender reveal party and Jesse tries to bond with other dads.
It's Always Open It's Always Open December 14, 2018 55 4.11
When DJ worries that Jimmy isn't ready for fatherhood, an angry Steph responds by joining a dodgeball team. Kimmy sets Ramona up with her new intern.
The Prom The Prom December 14, 2018 56 4.12
Prom night brings big problems for Jackson and Ramona. Meanwhile, a power-hungry DJ is taking her role as head chaperone a little too seriously.
Opening Night Opening Night December 14, 2018 57 4.13
A ladies' night out to see "Hamilton" with a fully pregnant Kimmy ends differently than anyone expected. Whoa, baby!


  • Jeff Franklin has expressed interest in season 3 and 4, and has plans for the shows future moving forward.
  • During a recent Twitter Q&A session, Juan Pablo Di Pace (Fernando) thanked a fan for saying that they hoped to see more of Fernando in season 4, and he also added, "Let’s get that season 4 trending".
  • The fact that season 3 was left very open-ended (with Kimmy being pregnant with Stephanie and Jimmy's child), makes many fans believe that a season 4 will happen.
  • Season 4 was confirmed on January 29th, on the Fuller House official Twitter page.
  • On February 28, 2018, Jeff Franklin announced he would not be returning as show-runner due to complaints about his behaviour in the writers’ room and on the set of the series, including making sexually charged comments about his personal relationships and sex life. Warner Horizon Television opted not to renew their production deal with him. There will be a new show-runner.
  • According to Soni Nicole Bringas, Season 4 will begin production in May.
  • Season 4 began production on May 9th and will wrap on September 7th.
  • The release date was announced on October 31 2018 for December 14, 2018
  • This is the last season of Lori Loughlin as Rebecca Katsopolis to appear on Fuller House, due to her being fired by Hallmark Channel and being arrested (along with her husband Felicity Huffman) for having been charged in a college admissions bribery scam designed to guarantee that their children earned spots at elite colleges, despite them not being ready.


  • The Gladstones, Katsopolis' and Tanner's moved back to San Francisco.
  • This season will focus on Stephanie and Jimmy's pregnancy.
  • C.J. returnes.
  • Gia returnes.
  • Steph's Baby is born on the season finale.
  • The release date, December 14, 2018, was announced on October 30


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