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Saved the Best for Last.
——Tagline of Season 5

Season 5 is the fifth and final season of Fuller House. It was confirmed on January 31st, 2019. In June 2019, John Stamos confirmed that Season 5 would be released in two parts, both consisting of nine episodes, with the first nine being released December 6th, 2019 and the last nine being released in 2020.[1]


Season 5 of Fuller House revolves around Stephanie and her new baby. D.J. and Kimmy help Steph and Jimmy raise the newborn in the house.


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Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
501 Welcome Home, Baby To Be Named Later December 6, 2019 58 5.01
Steph and Jimmy come home with their baby -- but they still haven't named her. With a doula in the house, DJ and Danny don't feel like they're needed.
502 Hale's Kitchen December 6, 2019 59 5.02
A burrito delivery brings love at first sight for Ramona, and Steve surprises DJ with a cooking class. Busy mom Steph struggles to keep her promises.
503 Family Business December 6, 2019 60 5.03
Steve takes Jimmy and Fernando to lunch -- and they end up buying a sandwich shop. Ramona and Jackson help Max face his fears at the pool.
504 Moms' Night Out December 6, 2019 61 5.04
Gia joins the She-Wolf Pack for a night of dancing, complete with stars, while Matt has a "Dudes Night In." Later, Matt tries to bond with Rocki.
505 Ready Player Fuller December 6, 2019 62 5.05
DJ takes up gaming to get closer to Jackson. Business is booming at Jimmy and Fernando's new sandwich shop -- but they're running out of ingredients.
506 The Mayor's Bird December 6, 2019 63 5.06
Matt and DJ open a pet concierge service, and Steph contemplates her next career move. Ramona's new boyfriend gets roped into Gibbler Game Night.
507 DJ's Amazing 40th Birthday Race December 6, 2019 64 5.07
It's girls vs. guys when Steve plans an elaborate game for DJ's birthday, and Kimmy and Steph are convinced there's a diamond ring waiting at the end.
508 Four Dates with Kimmy Gibbler December 6, 2019 65 5.08
Kimmy decides to date around to make sure Fernando's "the one." DJ snags Steph an important audition, and Max and Steve team up to play detective.
509 A Modest Proposal December 6, 2019 66 5.09
A dutiful DJ springs into action when Fernando asks for help proposing to Kimmy -- again. But the results are even bigger and better than she expected.
Season 5 Announcement If the Suit Fits 2020 67 5.10
Season 5 Announcement Three Weddings and a Musical 2020 68 5.11
Season 5 Announcement Cold Turkey 2020 69 5.12
Season 5 Announcement College Tours 2020 70 5.13
Season 5 Announcement Basic Training 2020 71 5.14
Season 5 Announcement Be Yourself, Free Yourself 2020 72 5.15
Season 5 Announcement The Nearlywed Game 2020 73 5.16
Season 5 Announcement Something Borrowed 2020 74 5.17
Season 5 Announcement Our Very Last Show, Again 2020 75 5.18


  • Candace Cameron Bure made comments that a Season 5 is likely to happen.
  • Fuller House was renewed on January 31st, it will be the final season.
  • Rehearsals started on May 30th, 2019.
  • The first episode began shooting on June 1st, 2019.
  • Lori Loughlin who plays Rebecca won't be in this season due to being fired from the series as a result of the College Admissions Scandal.
  • Rumors circulated on April 1st that Jesse and Becky would be divorced for this season, however, it was just an April Fools joke by the producers.
  • The first table read was on May 22nd.
  • Andrea Barber is going to write an episode from this season.
  • Micheal Champion hinted that guest stars from Full House will make an appearance. [2]


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